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Clients contact us looking for improvements available under various schemes promoting energy efficiency including ECO and HHCRO , CSCO, Cash Back and ATP improvement Schemes.


We qualify all enquires to confirm their eligibility pass these enquiries or "leads" on to assessors and installers who carry out the requested work in their area.


All leads are pre qualified by qualified assessors to ensure eligibility and their properties likely suitability.


The information we gather from our clients includes:

Property type, property age, construction, relevant improvements previously carried out, tenure, benefit details (if received), existing EPC search, Google Earth visual assessment and any other relevant details.


We always ensure clients are aware that the grants and schemes may not cover the full cost and that they may have to contribute towards the cost of certain works.


We can supply leads in most areas and offer additional surveying and processing services such as EPC's, site surveys, benefit searches and collation, application paperwork including AWG/ ECO2/ Faitr Trading etc. We can also obtain landlords permission where necessary speeding up the application process and ensuring work can be installed and processed as soon as possible.


All leads are very competitively priced and have a blanket "No Job - No Fee" policy on all leads.


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