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Leads and Referrals.

When we receive an enquiry we will contact them immediately whenever possible, we will ascertain what they are interested in and whether they may qualify under any of the schemes that we are aware of.


We always check to see if there is an existing EPC to see if the report recommends their chosen improvement, we will ask them if they are aware if any similar improvement has been carried out either by themselves or a previous householder. If there is no EPC lodged for their property and they are unsure we will check neighbouring properties to try and ascertain "build type and age" and any other relevant details. We may also see if we can locate any images of their property on google earth or other databases.


Where it is apparent that their entitlement or the property type may not guarantee a fully funded improvement we will make them fully aware that a client contribution may be required to allow installation to proceed.



Following the assessment of the lead to ascertain if works are likely, we will then notify local installers and assessors and invite them to purchase the lead, by offering the lead  directly we hope to ensure that only installers or assessors able to progress the application will request the lead. This hopefully results in a higher conversion rate for assessors and installers.


We request that all assessors or referred installers contact the client promptly and update us with the progress and results of the survey..


Job/ Lead Costs

Because of the various rates generated form different work types from within various property types, the lead fee requested reflects the potential return. We also enable installers and assessors to make offer or bid for all lead types, you can offer any fee you consider fair, we have a policy that we wish to place all leads within 24 hours, as such where we receive only one bid, that bid, irrespective of value may be accepted.


We will always contact the clients following any referral to ascertain if they have had contact from the referred assessor or installer and to ensure they are happy with the service they have received.


For more information please contact us or complete the registration details within the registration section.


There is no obligation or on-going commitment required.

Contact us and receive regular leads from householders in the areas you work.

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